News Links - 2/15/09

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News Links - 2/15/09

Postby dleedlee » Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:51 pm

Scorsese plans film on early Japanese Christians ... 27488.html

Director: Jackie Chan film (Shijuku Incident) too violent for China ... AD96CMNV00

Look For A Star: Looking for cheese ... 80/1/.html

John Rabe poster
Zhang Jingchu did not attend Berlinale

Hit Taiwanese film "Cape No. 7" finally opens in China ... 29/1/.html

'Finding Shangri-La' to be released on Feb. 27 ... gri-La.htm
Leading actors Zhu Zhiying and Wu Chung-tien

Give Love
Gigi Leung and Wilson/Berlin Chen
Hui Siu-Hung

Zhao Wei plans on directorial debut after filming Mulan
Graduate requirement for her July Master's degree from Beijing Film Academy
Already filmed a MV in New Zealand

Why Korean blockbusters went bust
The history of the Korean movie industry is divided by what happened before and after Shiri ... id=2901109
Creativity needed to overcome slump: Kang ... id=2901108

Against Conspiracy
Korea, U.S. to co-produce film on Korea's 'seductress spy'
Hyde Park, Activers to co-produce Korean Mata Hari story ... &Category=

Wu Yu praises Ah Jiao (Gillian Chung) saying she is in good form & has already accepted numerous ads ... 27183.html

A-Mei in Beijing for Valentine's Day press conference and to witness friend's wedding
ImageImage ... 821760.htm

Peter Chan starts Beijing film co. to make H.K. co-productions ... a059544f8e
HK, Mainland Directors Set up Film Company 'Cinema Popular'
Peter Chan, Polybona establish production company Cinema Popular ... tegory=467

Chow Yun-fat to Visit Korea Following 15-Year Absence ... 27560.html

Alec To's mother, singer Chang Loo, recently passed away at age 76
Tony Leung attends memorial service
Husband and two sons
Image ... 6982.shtml

Coco Lee focuses on her work, no wedding date planned yet ... 27459.html

Robert De Niro opens up shop in Shanghai - presumbably a shanzhai ... n_shan.php

For many Chinese, literary dreams go online ... ublishing/

Fury at Hong Kong airport becomes online hit ... jiwO8mDhEw

Deceptive Photos I
The Suzhou University Incident

Deceptive Photos II
Sichuan Earthquake: The Man Who Carried His Dead Wife ... dead-wife/
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