News Links - 2/6/09

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News Links - 2/6/09

Postby dleedlee » Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:23 pm

Andrew Lau to direct 'Green Dragons'
Fact-based drama about street gangs in New York's Chinatown. ... Id=13&cs=1

HKIFFS rebrands, revamps Web site, marketing ... e2c3bd91ab

Red Cliff 2

'The Naked Kitchen' Offers Tasteful Romance (South Korea) ... 39003.html

Wayne Wang Jury Photocall Berlin Film Festival
Image ... Wayne+Wang

Singer Yoo Debuts in Jackie Chan Movie ... 39057.html
Disgraced Yoo Seung-jun to Attempt Comeback in Jackie Chan's Big Soldier, Little General ... 24655.html

Singapore Launches Fund for 3D Film Industry

Miriam Yeung June wedding in Shanghai
Groom to be: Real Ting /Ting Chi Ko 5 years her junior
Image ... 772441.htm ... 352/1.html
Miriam Yeung & Real Ding Zi Gao Marriage in June in Shanghai? ... 24714.html

Gigi Lai and Mr Ma registered to marry on the 22nd, duping reporters
Big Sydney wedding canceled, banquet to be held at Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel Feb. 16
Image ... 5604.shtml (more)

Karena Lam at Disneyland
Image ... 771137.htm

Karena Lam was forced to have her picture taken in swimming suit when 15
But she outsmarted them in the end ... 24548.html

Andy Lau's Love Hope for V-Day
Andy Lau promoting new CD
Image ... 771620.htm (more)

Directors contend for her comeback work,
Gillian Chung returns next month to film romance movie ... 24622.html

How much do you have to pay to engage artistes for functions? ... 1b9bc.html

Taiwan Pop Stop
Carina, Faye, Loletta/Rachel, Jam, Fish, Josie ... 2003435406

"The Sun" - Cheer Chan
Taiwan's indie pop songstress Cheer Chan releases her fifth album

Queenie Chu exposes a New Salty Pork Hand in TVB City ... 24552.html

Does Anyone Know Anything About "Making Tofu"?

Hong Kong Prositute Murderer Caught by Octopus Card

A 13-year-old Chinese girl attempts suicide to give liver to dying father ... index.html
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Re: News Links - 2/6/09

Postby Gaijin84 » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:22 pm

Andrew Lau to direct 'Green Dragons'
Fact-based drama about street gangs in New York's Chinatown. ... Id=13&cs=1

Now this could be awesome...
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