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News Links - 1/29/09

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:30 pm
by dleedlee
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Since the news is fairly sparse due to the Spring Festival, I thought I'd repost a few old news items culled from ancient HK film related newsgroups.

(April 24, 1996)

Sex and Zen
Loretta Lee Lai Chun was attending the press conference for the sequel to Sex and Zen
(Can: Yuk Po Tuen Ji Yuk Nui Sum Gaing) when she saw the book of pictures from the film
with her and Shu Kei published by Golden Harvest, the film's investor. At first she was
smiling and answering questions from the press as she flipped through the book, but then
she spotted pictures of nude scenes from the film are in the book as well. Her
expression changed as she pointed out that the film company doesn't respect her since
she was not informed of the fact. Then she angrily rushed into another room, slammed
the door and began to cry. Director Chin Man Kei expressed that perhaps there were
communication problems between the two parties. He later went into the room to console
Loretta, but her anger didn't subside as she refused to return to the conference.
Finally she returned just for press pictures but no interviews. The film's executive
producer Wong Jing didn't attend the conference yesterday due to death in the family.
As for the book, he said he knew nothing of it because Golden Harvest published it. The
pictures and every frame of the film is company property, and the company can use it for
any purpose. Even if this time the book isn't published, it wouldn't prevent people
from renting the LD later and publishing a book. As an actor/actress one has to accept
these things. As for Loretta's claim of unfair treatment, he will speak with her later
regarding the matter.

Leslie Cheung opens coffee shop
Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's coffee shop opened recently to a huge crowd. When
reporters were interviewing Leslie, a woman came by and asked him, "Do you still
recognize me?" Leslie looked at her, she then said, "I am older now, you wouldn't
recognize me, I am Mrs. Chan Bak Keung (Danny Chan)." Leslie was stunted after hearing
those words, as he immediately found security to remove her. The crazy woman looked
fairly normal, as she was leaving she said, "Cheung Kwok Wing, you asked me to leave?"
Leslie said that the coffee shop isn't for making money, films are a better source for
that. He just wants a place to let people enjoy coffee. In the shop he will place
various memoribilias, like gold records, film costumes, film photos, etc. and will
change them every few months. He isn't afraid that the stuff will be stolen, so he
didn't buy insurance for them.

Shu Kei
Shu Kei is fast becoming a youthful sex symbol. Derek Yee Tung Sing praises her
saying she has what it takes to become a star. She has only working in Hong Kong for
several month, but deals just keep on coming. Beside Derek Yee’s Sik Ching Nam Nui
(Lit: Sex Man Woman)[Viva Erotica], she will also be in Hung Dung Kui (Lit: Red Light District)[Street Angels] with
Chingmy Yau Suk Ching. She has seen many of Chingmy’s films and sees her as a role

Sammo's narrow escape (January 29, 1999)
Action superstar Sammo Hung had a narrow escape from a radical
new hairless look when he went to buy some sun lotion in Texas.
Sammo, 47, star of the hit American television show Martial Law,
revealed that his poor English sent him to the wrong section of the
shop and he almost ended up buying hair remover by mistake.
He told the magazine Details : "It happened in Texas two years
ago. I was there five months shooting Once upon a Time in China and
America. Texas is really dry, so I wanted to buy some lotion.
"I go to the supermarket with some friends. And I saw one box,
there's a beautiful lady there, very smooth, it looks nice.
"My friend say, 'Let me see. Oh, Sammo this is . . ."
Sammo could not remember the words and turned for help to wife
Mina, who said: "A waxing cream, for women."

From our friend, Ryan, the list of the winners of the Hong Kong Film Awards (Golden

Here're the results:

Best Picture: Summer Snow
Golden Harvest Entertainment Company Limited Presents
Executive Producer : Ann Hui
Best Director: Ann Hui (Summer Snow)
Best Screenplay: Chan Man Keung (Summer Snow)
Best Actor: Roy Chiao (Summer Snow)
Best Actress: Josephine Siao (Summer Snow)
Best Supporting Actor: Law Kar Ying (Summer Snow)
Best Supporting Actress:Karen Joy Morris (Mok Man Wai) (Fallen Angels)
Best New Performer: Eric Moo (Those Were The Days)
Best Cinematography: Christopher Doyle (Fallen Angels)
Best Art Direction: Eddie Ma (Phantom Lover, The)
Best Costume & Make Up Design Nominees:
William Chang & Yeung Sin Ling (Phantom Lover, The)
Best Action Choreography: Stanley Tong & Jackie Chan (Rumble In The Bronx)
Best Film Editing: Kwong Chi Leung (Full Throttle)
Best Original Film Score:Frankie Chan & Roel A. Garcia (Fallen Angels)
Best Original Film Song:(Peace Hotel)