News Links - 1/23/09

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News Links - 1/23/09

Postby dleedlee » Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:19 pm

'Happy Lunar New Year' from Karen Mok

"Departures" wins Oscar nomination
Japan's offbeat narrative on the lives of morticians

Look For A Star promo


CNY comedy Gao Xing stars Guo Tao


"The Witch of the West is Dead" (Japan)

Animating the New Year with Movie Music

Sandra Ng
Back for the laughs in All’s Well Ends Well ... sec=movies
Putting it together on All’s Well Ends Well
Image ... sec=movies
All’s Well in time for new year ... ndexF_html

John Woo achieves his goal ... sec=movies

Huayi Brothers is set to begin production on "Sound of Wind"

Mid-Budget Film Gives Hope to Local Cinema (South Korea)
"Scandal Makers", a mid-budget film, continues to top the box office for a whopping seventh week
LA screening Jan. 28 ... 38414.html

Chou and Lin to co-star in adventure film Ci Ling
Tony Ching Siu-tung will serve as action director ... tegory=518

Karena Lam and Andy Hui filming 親密 ("Intimate"?) ... 20206.html

The Secret of the Magic Gourd DVD Review

Gigi Lai prefers older men?, ... 20326.html

Jackie Chan launches go green initiative in Sentosa (Singapore)
P*ss twice, flush once ... 1b9bc.html

Gillian Chung definitely returning to showbiz in year of Ox ... 1b9bc.html

Taiwan Pop Stop ... 2003434478

The Story Behind Zhang Ziyi's Beach Photos

Chinese student decapitated at Virginia Tech ... PgzlknS5Yw ... gD95SCCCO0 ... _at_vi.php

Only in China: One phone to rule them all ... to_rul.php

US Gymnast Shawn Johnson Got Fat, Shocks Chinese ... #more-4776

Death sentences fail to quell rage over milk victims ... con_type=3

Beichuan (Sichuan) Government Spend Millions On Luxury Cars ... #more-4836
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