News Links - 4/3/08

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News Links - 4/3/08

Postby dleedlee » Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:18 pm

Besieged City review ... &rid=10905

My Blueberry Nights - Norah Jones makes film debut ... BfW5dxFb8C

Zhang Ziyi: 'I don't just want to kick ass' ... 03942.html

"Three Kingdoms" unfurls banner in Beijing

Edison Chen Back to Spotlight with New Film
Shu Qi to costar
Filming in Singapore and Chicago ... 22601.html

Joey Yung visits Lin Dai's residence

Gong Li Attends Champagne Party in France

Patina Lam Starstruck By Tony Leung

Gaile Smiles When Called 'Mrs Lai'

Charlene at Aiyaya signing ceremony, talking about Twins plan.., ... pid=409910 ... 22480.html

HK Stars: 'Miss You Much Leslie'

Shawn Yue, 'The New Edison Chen'?

Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi to sing for Olympic film ... 590012.htm

Director and Cast of Slam

Poster for 5 Bullets/Gun of Mercy

Ruby Lin Shows Fair Skin

Beyond Rock 'n' Roll Shakes Hong Kong

TV Actor Violates Road Rules, Injures Security Guards

GM and Apple execs tapped to lead Baidu
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