News Link - 1/27/08

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News Link - 1/27/08

Postby dleedlee » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:52 pm

CJ7 Chow’s E. T. ... sec=movies
Comedy is under-rated
Stephen Chow interview ... sec=movies
CGI? Aye, aye ... sec=movies

Lydia Shum leaves hospital, readies memorial service for mother
ImageImage ... 3539.shtml

Pop Singers Honored at Sprite Awards
Leon Lai - ... 4_0127.jpg
Chris Li Yuchun - ... 7_0127.jpg
Jane Zhang - ... 8_0127.jpg

Taiwan Pop Stop ... 2003398844

The Elephant on a Bike
Independent Korean film

Japanese filmmaker plans mock Nanjing tribunal ... -1QXIwl5nA

Former Phillippine actor and president Joseph Estrada mobbed by Filipino workers in Hong Kong ... -Hong-Kong
HK immigration detains Estrada for not having security men ... curity-men
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