News Links - 1/2/08

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News Links - 1/2/08

Postby dleedlee » Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:03 pm


Fan Bingbing Welcomes New Year

'Dance of the Dragon' Releases Official Poster

Jacky Cheung Concludes Concert Tour

I'm Fine: Rene Liu's new album

Eason Chan Wins Ultimate Music Awards

NPR (National Public Radio): Patrick Tam and After This Our Exile with Grady Hendrix ... d=17764976

Sex 'pivotal' to Lust, says Lee
Ang Lee: A passion too hot for China ... ina102.xml

Wynners staying power ... &sec=music

Wife outs adulterous CCTV anchor

HK Box-Office Gross Hits One Billion in 2007

Two exit Fortune Star ... 2cc734d692

Western broadcasters taking pains to smooth China experience ... 383942f845

Internet lists the values of China ... 03,00.html

Chinese liquor firms fight ban on boozy lunches ... d0TDis0NUE

Malaysian Health Minister Resigns Over Sex Tape ... sec=nation
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