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Postby ewaffle » Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:57 am

Wanatchada Siwapornchai is the female star of this movie--the camera loves her and so do I--or at least her image. She is gorgeous.
Here is a page with eight screencaps of her from "One Take Only"

"One Take Only" (Hong Kong title) seems to be more upbeat vision of the hell of the Bangkok streets than the earlier "Bangkok Dangerous", at least for its first hour or so. It is the story of a small time hustler who delivers drugs for a wholesaler, getting a fee for each drop he makes. He falls in love with a beautiful girl who is part of a clique that hangs around Siam Square gossiping and people watching. She is a prostitute who supports her family back home. There are a couple of "falling in love" scenes, one particularly in which the two of them are sunbathing on the rooftop and talking about the future.

He is outraged and hurt when he finds out she is a prostitute--the idea of a flunky for a drug dealer taking the high moral ground isn't really explored--but convinces her to quit when his boss has him make a big delivery, big enough that he has to be cut in on the action.

The two of them then hit the high end stores that they could only dream of before his big payday and he gambles a lot and, from the look of things around the table, looses. There is a demand for an even larger delivery to the guys who got the last one and she becomes part of the team, a bad decision with horrible results.

Worth seeing for Oxide Pang fans and for those who like their urban girt very gritty.

The version I saw was dubbed in Korean with English subtitles.
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