Recommendations, please?

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Postby Masterofoneinchpunch » Mon May 09, 2005 4:50 pm

here's some recommendations:

<u><b>Jidai Geki</b></u>
Twilight Samurai
Samurai Fiction
Seven Samurai (a must if you haven't seen it)
ok any other Kurosawa film :D

watch the Lone Wolf's instead of Shogun Assassin
Sword of Doom

Mr. Vampire
Juon (just plain horror; watch the first movie not the V movies)

<u><b>MA you haven't mentioned</b></u>
Prodigal Son
Warriors Two
Knockabout (yeah I like the Golden Harvest films :D)
Volcano High (Korean film must watch)

King of Masks

These are just what comes to mind; yeah I missed a lot. :)
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Postby garycheah » Tue May 10, 2005 7:30 am

hmm, let me recommend some :


-Battle Royale!!


-One Nite in Mongkok
-Bullet in the Head
-City On Fire
-A Chinese Ghost Story 1,2,3
-Drunken Master 2
-Police Story Trilogy
-A Better Tomorrow 1,2
-Fist of Legend
-Kung Fu Cult Master
-Bride with White Hair 1
-Eastern Condor
-Pedicab Driver


-Old Boy

enjoy these at the moment... :P
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