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Postby dleedlee » Wed Dec 15, 2004 5:51 pm

Here's the entry from the database:

Blind Swordman's Revenge, The (1974)

Cantonese: Maang Kim Huet Dik Ji
Mandarin: Mang2 Jian4 Xie3 Di1 Zi2
Alias: Sword Renounced, A

Country: Taiwan
Genre: Martial Arts

Larry Tu Chong Hsun

Action Directors
Chen Shih Wei
Wong Fei Lung

Sing San Taai Long
Chan Pooi Ling (1)
Chen Hung Lieh
Hong Hoi
Yee Yuen
Tin Yau
Kong Do
Lung Fei
Shan Mao
Seung Fung
Chui Chung Hei
Su Chen Ping
Siu Leung Go
Ho Wai Hung
Wong Yeuk Ping
Lam Chung (4)
Ma Cheung
Chu Siu Wa
Tse Chung Mau
Gwing Chi Gwoh
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