BLISSFULLY YOURS: Thai DVD question (+ answer!!!)

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BLISSFULLY YOURS: Thai DVD question (+ answer!!!)

Postby Mike Thomason » Sat Sep 04, 2004 12:12 pm

Does anyone hereabouts know if the Thai DVD through MangPong/Scorpion has been optically censored at all? Just curious, as its arthouse aesthethic and pedigree, coupled with myriad negative reviews internet wide from western scribes, has finally got me just interested enough in this title to instigate a blind purchase. Just have noticed that occasionally Thai discs feature pixelisation during nudity, and was wondering if this title suffered a similar fate?

Thanks in advance! :D

NB: Disregard this request - I simply went ahead and bought the disc regardless. Guess I'll know whether it's been censored or not in about two days...;)

Addendum: Mangpong (Scorpion)'s DVD IS censored, by around 12 minutes! It runs 109m (at PAL speed, or 113m standard), omits one sex scene, some narrative, and reduces a second sex scene. The full length version should run 125m; some US based distributor will be releasing the full uncut version sometime early next year...:) Oh yeah, the Thai disc is also full-frame, cropped from a 1.85 ratio...:(
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