Diaries from Montreal's Fantasia movie fest.

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Diaries from Montreal's Fantasia movie fest.

Postby Yves » Tue Aug 10, 2004 1:57 pm

Last month from July 8 to August 2, was help in Montreal, Canada one of the biggest world movie festival centred around martial art, fantasy and horror genre. More than 115 movies were presented plus dozens others shorts features of everysort. Although not exclusively focused on Asian movies they do featured prominently. Only seven Hong-Kong productions were shown this year including four old Shaw Brothers movies, but there was 30 from Japan, twelve from Korea and 8 from Thailand. For more information just check at the following link.


I myself was at 48 screening, and wrote for the Mobius Asian Cinema Discussion Group 8 pieces covering the Festival and reviewing the movies I saw. Caught in between my job, the fest and my writings I had no time to share my pieces with the members of this Forum who might have been interested. This is an omission that I'm correcting now by sending the links to the Fantasia covering posts.

Have in mind thought they the many links found in these posts may have been discontinued since their original publication, and that as English is not my mother tongue the text is a bit clunky in parts. Otherwise I hope that those who are interested will find the pieces informative and enjoyable enough

Here goes.

Fantasia Prelude
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 51799.html
Fantasia Week one.
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 51938.html
Fantasia Komikstock event
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52007.html
Fantasia Week II
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52093.html
Fantasia Fest Saturday July 24
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52194.html
Fantasia Fest Sunday July 25
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52266.html
Fantasia Fest Tuesday July 27
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52224.html
Fantasia Fest Last Week-end Part one.
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52350.html
Fantasia Fest Last Weekend Part Two
http://www.mhvf.net/forum/asian/posts/1 ... 52370.html

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