Thunderbolt (1995)
Reviewed by: Inner Strength on 2002-03-21
Summary: A MESS
Thunderbolt can be summed up with one word for me, a 'mess'. The ridiculously sped up racing scenes make it look like a complete joke. This was another mistake in Jackies ever going down hill career.

It's just got 'commercial' spelt all over it. The acting is non-existent, Anita Yuen looks bored, as was I, and the stunts were no more than average for Jackie Chan. It wouldn't have been that bad at just that, maybe a 3/5 for me because it was fun at times, but because of the awful car chase scenes (cars going at 200MPH when really they were doing more like 10MPH before sped up!) I have no choice but to laugh it off. I have only seen this one twice I think (though this time I hadn't seen it since it came out and looked better this time), but doubt I will see it a third time.

Not recommended - unless you like his other flops like Rumble In The Bronx, Who Am I, Twin Dragons, etc etc.

Rating: [2/5]