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千葉真一  ♂
Sonny Chiba Shinichi
Pinyin: qiān zhēn
Chiba Shinichi,  Sadao Maeda,  Shinichi Chiba

影視作品 / Filmography (1966-2004)
  導演 / Director
    霸道縱構 / Fighting Fist (1992)    
  演員 / Actor (1966-2004)
    銀翼大決鬥 / Secret of the Diamond (1966) ... 御手洗 / Mitarai Ken
    激殺!邪道拳 / Soul of Chiba (1977) ... / Sonny
    狙擊十三 / Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon (1978) ... 職業殺手 / Golgo aka Duke Togo
    霸道縱構 / Fighting Fist (1992) ... / Supt. Yamada
    風雲─雄霸天下 / The Storm Riders (1998) ... 雄霸 / Conqueror Xiong Ba
    小李飛刀之飛刀外傳 / The Legend of the Flying Swordsman (2000) ... 李元霸 / Fun's father
    勝者為王 / Born to Be King (2000) ... 草刈一雄 / Ichiro Kusakari
    爆裂都市 / Explosive City (2004) ... Otosan / Otosan
  Sonny Chiba is a legend of martial arts and action films with international appeal. His career spans three decades with leading roled in over thirty motion pictures. He is most noted for his performances in "The Streetfighter," "Return of the Street Fighter," and "Streetfighter's Last Revenge" - classics of the martial arts genre. Chiba's title role in "The Streetfighter" series is also said to be Quentin Tarantino's "favorite martial arts anti-hero." He is one of Japan's most recognized actors, and has appeared in films produced on both sides of the Pacific. His most recent films include "Body Count," "Immortal Combat" and "Iron Eagle 3 - Aces."

- Biography from Storm Riders DVD

Officially retired from action roles in 2008 after suffering an asthma attack on the set on a television series. He acts under his real name of Sadao Maeda in Japan and uses J.J. Sonny Chiba outside of Japan.