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盧靖姍  ♀
Celina Jade
Pinyin: jìng shān
Lo Ching-San,  Celina Jade Horan,  Lu Jing-Shan

影視作品 / Filmography (2008-2019)
  演員 / Actor (2008-2019)
    狼牙 / Legendary Assassin (2008) ... 曉禾 / Hiu Wor/Holly
    家有喜事2009 / All's Well Ends Well 2009 (2009) ... / Mandy's party guest
    保持愛你 / Love Connected (2009) ... 瑪莉 / Mary
    鐵拳 / The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)    
    你的今天和我的明天 / Tomorrow Comes Today (2013)    
    戰狼 II / Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) ... / Rachel
    三重威脅之跨國大營救 / Triple Threat (2019) ... / Xian
  A little about myself, I am half Chinese half American, yet born and bred in Hong Kong. Went to a Chinese speaking school till I was 14 when I decided that a change was in need. Flew to New Jersey and attended a public school there, but got so bored out of my bum, that I flew back and changed to an international school back home. Yup, Hong Kong is my home, I love this place, the people, food, Chinese culture... Well, at 18 I was off to university in London where I attended the London School of Economics, had the best 3 years of life studying Management (the usual bunch... Econ/ Finance/ Management) then continued to study Music where my heart lies after that. I was signed to BMI as a songwriter in London then decided to come back home to pursue a career in the arts. I modelled for a while, to pay my bills, hosted at TVB Pearl for Dolce Vita for a bit, gigged with my band Jaded for a few months before I met Paco. He put me in my first film starring Wu Jing - the Legendary Assassin and I'll be recording my album shortly after. Fun times! Like I said, HK is an amazing and happening city, hopefully I'll learn and experience loads... something to tell my grandkids someday... (alivenotdead profile)

Daughter of Roy Horan