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左孝虎  ♂
Tso Shiao-Hu
David Cho,  Cho Ha-Foo,  Tsao Hsiao-Ho,  Jet Le,  Chor Hou-Fu,  Tsao Shiao-Hu,  Chuo Hsiao-Hu,  Cho Hau-Foo
Born: December 17th, 1973

Filmography (1985-2002)
  Action Director (3 films)
    The Feeling of Love (1996)    
    Red Rain (1999)    
    Devil Face, Angel Heart (2002)    
  Actor (14 films)
    The Young and Old Wanderers (1985)    
    Kung Fu Kids II (1986) ... Hsiao
    Kung Fu Kids (1986) ... Hsiao
    Kung Fu Kids IV (1987) ... Ho Yuan-Jia
    Kung Fu Kids III (1987) ... Hsiao
    Kung Fu Kids Part V: The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids (1988) ... Hsiao
    Kung Fu Kids Part VI: Enter the Young Dragon (1989) ... Hsiao
    Little Kids Beat the Boss (1990) ... ''Tiger''
    Young Kickboxer (1990) ... Little Tiger
    Dragon Kid (1990) ... Kuang Kuang
    Don't Cry, Nanking (1995)    
    Fist of Legend 2: Iron Bodyguards (1996) ... Chen Zhen
    Black City (1999)    
    Stunt Couple (1999)    
  Born in Taipei City, Tso studied martial arts and theater in school before his debut in movies in 1984 with a supporting role in "Old Little River Lake", which was the seed of the succesful "Kung Fu Kids" film series. After that he continued his career in taiwanese action movies and TV dramas.