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Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin  ♂
Aliases:  Dior Cheng,  Noodle Cheng,  Ekin Cheng,  Ekin Cheng Yi-Kin
Born: October 4th, 1967

Filmography (1992-2018)
  Actor (74 films)
    Girls Without Tomorrow (1992) ... An
    Boys Are Easy (1993) ... Lee Chi Ko
    Future Cops (1993) ... Kim/Ken
    Let's Go Slam Dunk (1994) ... Kao Chiu
    Mermaid Got Married (1994) ... Siu Chi
    Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994) ... Tong Chun
    Why Wild Girls (1994) ... Mike
    Always Be the Winners (1994) ... Yam Tin Chao
    Mean Street Story (1995) ... Melvin Wong Miu
    I'm Your Birthday Cake (1995) ... Water Lam Lok-Shui
    Killer's Code (1995)    
    Young and Dangerous 2 (1996) ... Chan Ho Nam
    Feel 100%, Once More (1996) ... Marco
    Feel 100% (1996) ... Jerry
    Young and Dangerous 3 (1996) ... Chan Ho Nam
    Young and Dangerous (1996) ... Chan Ho Nam
    Young and Dangerous 4 (1997) ... Chan Ho Nam
    We're No Bad Guys (1997) ... Plane
    Hot War (1998) ... Tango One
    The Storm Riders (1998) ... Whispering Wind
    Young and Dangerous 5 (1998) ... Chan Ho Nam
    Portland Street Blues (1998) ... Chan Ho Nam [cameo]
    The Legend of Speed (1999) ... Sky
    A Man Called Hero (1999) ... Hero Hua
    Born to Be King (2000) ... Chan Ho Nam
    Dragon Heat (2000)    
    For Bad Boys Only (2000) ... King Chan
    Help!!! (2000) ... Dr. Joe Chan Chi-Ying
    Tokyo Raiders (2000) ... But Tai Yung
    The Duel (2000) ... God of Sword / Simon the Snow Blower
    Those Were the Days (2000) ... Ho Nam [cameo]
    Running Out of Time 2 (2001) ... The Thief
    The Legend of Zu (2001) ... King Sky
    The Avenging Fist (2001) ... Young Dark
    Goodbye Mr. Cool (2001) ... Mr Cool Dragon
    Women From Mars (2002) ... Tom Kan
    My Wife Is 18 (2002) ... Thirteen Cheung
    Second Time Around (2002) ... Ren
    Heroic Duo (2003) ... Senior Inspector Ken Li
    Anna in Kungfu-land (2003) ... Ken Kei
    The Floating Landscape (2003) ... Sam
    My Dream Girl (2003) ... Joe Lam
    The Twins Effect (2003) ... Reeve
    Leave Me Alone (2004) ... Yiu Chun-Man/Yiu Chun-Kit
    6 Strong Guys (2004) ... Long
    Protege de la Rose Noire (2004) ... Jim Lo
    Ab-Normal Beauty (2004) ... Dead driver in car accident [cameo]
    Divergence (2005) ... To Hou-San
    It Had to Be You (2005) ... Jack
    My Name Is Fame (2006) ... Ekin [cameo]
    Heavenly Mission (2006) ... Autumn Yip
    Forest of Death (2007) ... Shum Shu Hai
    Rule #1 (2008) ... Insp. Wong
    The Storm Warriors (2009) ... Whispering Wind
    Claustrophobia (2009) ... Tom
    Once a Gangster (2010) ... Sparrow (Swallow)
    Crossing Hennessy (2010) ... Dentist
    Summer Love (2011) ... Ken
    East Meets West (2011) ... Daxiong, the chef
    Treasure Hunt (2011) ... Andy Lu
    Legend of a Rabbit (2011)    
    Love in the Buff (2012) ... Himself
    My Sassy Hubby (2012) ... Prof Thirteen Cheung
    Saving General Yang (2013) ... Yang Yanping
    Just DotA (2013)    
    Just Another Margin (2014) ... Mao Song
    Horseplay (2014) ... Cheung Ho
    Break Up 100 (2014)    
    Full Strike (2015) ... Lau Dan
    Jian Bing Man (2015) ... Ekin Cheng
    Initial D II (2015)    
    iGirl (2016)    
    The Yuppie Fantasia 3 (2017) ... Suspected ex-boyfriend
    Golden Job (2018)    
  Still widely known by his former "English" personal name "Ekin", which is actually Chinese for "Noodle".

During his boyhood appeared in several commercials before enrolling in the TVB's Martial Arts Training Class and the next year TVB's Acting Training Class. Very soon he begins to appear in several TVB series and at the same time he begins a career as pop singer. Debuted in the film "Girls Without Tomorrow" in 1992.


Ekin Cheng was born on 4th October 1967. At the age of 18, Ekin Cheng shot his first television commercial, which began to draw the attention of fans and launched his career in entertainment. After participating in Hong Kong's TVB Singing Contest in 1989, he was signed as a contract-artiste with the television broadcaster. He then appeared in several TV drama series and compared a popular children's program.
In 1991, Ekin joined BMG and released his first two albums "Don't Cry" and "Sahara." With his third album, "On Stage," Ekin achieved phenomenal success; he reached the top position in the IFPI best selling chart and was crowned 5th "Pop King of the Era."
Starting with his fifth album, "My Best Show," he has managed to maintain at least double platinum sales. He has recorded over 12 albums to date, with his latest release, "Senses" recently topping the charts. Ekin's first solo concert, "22096 Ekin Cheng in Concert," entertained over 100,000 people in eight nights at the HK Coliseum. His talents are recognized throughout South East Asia, Japan and China.
Ekin made his film debut with "Girls Without Tomorrow" in 1992 and has then been starring in several blockbusters including "Young and Dangerous" (I-V) and "Feel 100%" (I&II). In 1996 alone, movies starring Ekin earned over HK$100 million in the Hong Kong box-office. His lastest film was "The Stormriders."

- Biography from Storm Riders DVD