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Law Kar-Kuen  ♂
Born: 1904 - Died: April 19th, 1970

Filmography (1939-1968)
  Actor (11 films)
    The Case of the Jealous Actor (1939)    
    Magic of Tiger Dragon (1950) ... King Tzau
    Judge Bao's Night Trial of the Wicked Guo Huai (1952)    
    Love in a Dangerous City (1955)    
    Parents' Hearts (1955)    
    How Old Master Jiang Crossed the River (1957)    
    Tan Kei's Death by Fire (1958)    
    Tan Kei in the Meat Hill (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 2) (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 1) (1958)    
    The Imperial Warrant (1968)