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Pai Yu-Chen  ♀
Aliases:  Baak Yue-San,  Pak Yue-San,  Lam Yi-Chen,  Lam Yee-San,  Siu Pak,  Lam Yue-San,  Bai Yu-Chen,  Bai Yun-Chen,  Lin Yi-Chen,  Hsiao Bai,  Lin Hsiao-Bai

Filmography (1988-2000)
  Actor (24 films)
    Xue Ai You Xi (1988) ... [Uncredited]
    Strange Tales of Ghosts (1989)    
    Bu Shi Hong Xing Ye Chu Qiang (1989)    
    Mao Ling Nu (1989)    
    Mr. Vampire (1990)    
    Devil and Master (1991)    
    Affrighted Romance (1991)    
    Ghost Story of Kam Ping Mui (1991) ... Gam Lin's stepmother
    Guys in Ghost Hand (1991)    
    The Killer from China (1991)    
    Witch Edited (1992)    
    Passionate Killing in the Dream (1992)    
    The Story of Lady Sue (1992)    
    Sex of Female (1992)    
    Heroes in Gail (1992)    
    Lady Killer (2) (1992)    
    Caged Beauties (1992) ... Reddy
    Routi Xianjing (1992)    
    The Beauty's Evil Roses (1992)    
    Tattoo Girl (1993)    
    Ghost's Love (1993)    
    Goat Reborn (1993)    
    Kam Ping Mui of Deep Throat (1995)    
    Escape from Hell (2000)