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Jiang Mu-Liang
Mandarin: jiǎng liáng
Filmography (1958-1962)
  Script Supervisor (22 films)
    The Merry Phoenix (1958)    
    The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife (1958)    
    The Peach Blossom Fairy (1958)    
    Wealth Always Follows Woe (1958)    
    Girl of Pitiable Fate (1959)    
    Miserable Daughter-in-Law (1959)    
    The Blessed Family (1959)    
    Funny Misunderstanding (1959)    
    The Lotus' Story (1959)    
    The Departed One's Return to Pipa Lane (1959)    
    Gold-braided Fan (1959)    
    My Good Nephew (1959)    
    A Fool in the Army (1959)    
    The Lion's Roar (1959)    
    Story of a Sing Song Girl (1960)    
    The Gratitude of a Feather Fan (1960)    
    Secret Love (1961)    
    Little Matchmakers (1961)    
    Appointment with Death (1961)    
    Manhunt (1961)    
    A Perfect Match (1962)    
    The Prayer of Tears (1962)