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Ha Bo-Lin  ♀
Aliases:  Ha Po-Lin

Filmography (1938-1960)
  Actor (97 films)
    Two Sisters, One Husband (1938)    
    Femme Fatale (1938)    
    Where the Roots Bend (1938)    
    Rich Dandy (1938)    
    Putting the King of Hell to Death (1939)    
    Farewell on a Winter Night (1939) ... Suet Heung
    Hubbub at Three Gate Street (1939)    
    Vampires of the Haunted Mansion (1939) ... Maid
    The Peacock Shows Its Tail (1939)    
    The Gallant Bandit (1939)    
    The Plum Blossoms Bloom Twice (1939)    
    Mahjong Bible (1939)    
    Tears of Pearl (1939)    
    Two Daughters (1939)    
    Journey to Fantasy Land (1939)    
    It's a Women's World (1939)    
    The Seductive Woman (1940)    
    The Peony Pavilion (1940)    
    When Will We Meet Again? (1940)    
    The Flying Tiger (1940)    
    For Poorer or for Richer (1940)    
    Encounter with the Gods (1940)    
    Boudoir Blues (1941)    
    My Beauty (1941)    
    The Sword and the Pearl (1941)    
    The White Cloud Pagoda (1941)    
    The Woman Guard (1941)    
    Overflowing Joy (1941)    
    The Vagabond Master (Part 3) (1948)    
    The Vagabond Master (Part 4) (1948)    
    Madame Butterfly (1948) ... Female staff
    The Romantic Trap (1948)    
    The Ancient Beauty, Meng Lijun (1949)    
    The Gold-braided Butterfly (1949)    
    Fang Shiyu's Revenge (1949)    
    A Quarrelsome Couple (1949) ... Secretary
    The Red Chamber Dream (1949)    
    Perfect Together (1949)    
    The Junior Hero, Ai Hu (1949)    
    Liang Tianlai, the Loser (1949)    
    Charlie's Escape from the Tianxian Trap (1949)    
    Charlie's Visit to Hell (1949)    
    Empress Wu Zetian (1949)    
    Nazha Conquered the Seven Devils at Mei Hill (1949) ... Miss Ho
    Breaking the Medicinal Herb (1949)    
    Xue Gang's Adventure in the Lantern Festival (1949)    
    The Cow Boy and the Sewing Girl (1949)    
    Adventure at the Women's House (1949) ... Madam Hau
    Emperor Qi Xuan and Zhong Wuyan (Part 1) (1949)    
    Emperor Qi Xuan and Zhong Wuyan (Part 2) (1949)    
    A Good Mother Killed Her Son (1949)    
    Honeymoon for Two (1949)    
    Faces as Red as Peach Blossoms (1949)    
    Swallows Welcome Spring (1949)    
    Bo-Yuk in Memorial of Ching-Man (1949)    
    The Big Fight between Red Kid and Five Dragon Princess (1949)    
    The Purple-misted Cup (1949) ... Wing-Chun
    Devoted to the Unfaithful (1949)    
    She Plunged to Her Death (1950)    
    The Blood Bee (1950)    
    Tragedy on the Pearl River (1950)    
    The Golden Chain (1950)    
    A Chivalrous Bandit (1950)    
    The Elderly Gentleman Searches for Romance (1950)    
    Monkey's Adventures in the Girls' Kingdom (1950)    
    Too Many Wives Ruin the Husband (1950)    
    The Girl and the Chivalrous Bandit (1950)    
    A Life of Rouge and Powder (1950)    
    The Great Dictator (1950)    
    Sorrows of a Neglected Wife (1950)    
    Devil's Family (1950) ... Chui Lien
    The Bloody Fight Between Big Blade Wong Fifth and the Invincible Kid (1950)    
    Sad Song of an Orphan Girl (1950) ... Ah Fa
    The End of the Year Means Money (1950)    
    Plenty of Sons, Plenty of Wealth (1951)    
    Love's Captive (1951)    
    Camille's Tears (1951)    
    A Great Hero of Many Blunders (1951)    
    Second Lady (1951)    
    A Couple in Love (1952)    
    Bride a la Mode (1952) ... Miss Hung
    A Second Visit to the City of Love (1952)    
    Sad Tale of a Wife a Rich Household (1952)    
    Ouying De and His Double (1952)    
    The Mismatched Marriage (1952)    
    The Enchantress (1952) ... Mrs Lau
    Ten Fat Brides for Skinny (1952)    
    Peach Blossoms Fount by Night (1952) ... Miss Leung
    First Come, First Serve (1953)    
    Madam Butterfly (1954)    
    The Dream Encounter Between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wei (1954)    
    The Heart-Stealer (1958) ... Mrs Leung
    How Shui Bing-Sum Thrice Played Tricks on Koi Kei-Cho (1958)    
    Two Fools Capture a Ghost (1959) ... Chun's stepmother
    How the Filial Daughter Returned the Pearl (1959)    
    The Right of Women (1960) ... Stepmother
    Kind Mother and Naughty Son (1960) ... Ha Kit-Ching