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Yu Hsing-Tien
Filmography (1955-1960)
  Actor (16 films)
    Flowers in a Rainy Night (1955)    
    Repairing Broken Net (1956)    
    Bitter Heart (1957)    
    Hate Life Don't Blame Heaven (1957)    
    Wine Bottle Flower (1957)    
    Su Wenda's Poor Intelligence (1957)    
    Love Storm (1957)    
    Unlucky Flower (1957)    
    Mother and Child Tears (1957)    
    Yin Yuan Tien Chu Ting (1958)    
    Ku Erh Yuan (1958)    
    Guo Suyue's Coffin Birth (1958)    
    Fake Driver (1958)    
    Brother Wang and Brother Liu on the Roads in Taiwan (1959)    
    Heartless Night Express (1959)    
    The Reformed Husband (1960)