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Chen Ya-Lun
Aliases:  Sam Nga-Leon
Filmography (1934-1951)
  Actor (19 films)
    Buried with Flowers (1934)    
    Huan Xi Yuan Jia (1934)    
    Just One Night (1934)    
    The Beauty's Favour (1935)    
    They Have Been Living Here for Generations (1940)    
    The West Chamber (1940)    
    Ji Gong, the Buddhist Monk (1940)    
    Meng Lijun (1940)    
    Daughter of the Fisherman (1943)    
    Hong Yan Tie Xue (1943)    
    Qu Hai Qing Tao (1944)    
    Luan Feng He Ming (1944)    
    Luan Feng He Ming (1944)    
    Hero Beauty (1945)    
    Sparks of the Nation (1946)    
    Shadows in the Old House (1948)    
    Story of a Street-Singing-Girl (1948)    
    Qing Deng Yuan (1950)    
    Women's Spring and Autumn (1951)