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Wesley Yeung Yiu-Wah  ♂
Mandarin: yáng yào huá
Filmography (2015-2020)
  Art Director (8 films)
    S for Sex, S for Secret (2015)    
    Love Detective (2015)    
    Are You Here (2015)    
    My Wife Is a Superstar (2016)    
    Never Too Late (2017)    
    Rhapsody of Kidnapping (2018)    
    We Are Legends (2019)    
    You Are the One (2020)    
  Actor (4 films)
    My Wife Is a Superstar (2016) ... Do Min-Joon
    L for Love, L for Lies Too (2016) ... Police officer
    Men on the Dragon (2018) ... Dragon boat teammate
    You Are the One (2020) ... Fund manager