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Nick Demuth
Nick Demuth  ♂
Filmography (1975)
  演員 (1 film)
    大家樂 (1975)    
  born 17 May 1925, Bognor Regis, Sussex, England. Jazz pianist, arranger and composer he was well grounded in working with touring bands by the time he joined Billy Banks in 1954. During the second half of the 50s Demuth toured the world with Banks, being particularly well received in Australia and the Far East. After a Hiatus he teamed up with Banks again in 1962, this time they worked in Tokyo for three years. From his base in Hong Kong, Demuth had a variety of jobs including working for a radio station, gigging with the Victoria Jazz Band, scoring the music for two Hong Kong made English language films and wrote a track for the UK film Ferry To Hong Kong. He settled in Manila in 1990 where he continues to play at least four nights a week. He co-owns a club (which oddly specialises in C&W music not jazz) and is the Far East correspondent for Jazz Journal International.