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Chu Jin-Ching
Aliases:  Chu Cheun-Ching,  Chu Ching-Chin,  Chu Chin-Ching
Filmography (1962-1988)
  Production Manager (5 films)
    Dadao Gong Fights Mazu Ferry (1962)    
    Qi Ye Ba Ye (1962)    
    The Royal Society (1962)    
    Miss Su Lan Wants to Marry (1963)    
    Steal Emperor's Crown (1969)    
  Planning (7 films)
    Death Trap (1974)    
    Seven Men of Kung-Fu (1978)    
    Hero at the Border Region (1981)    
    Spirit Vs Zombi (1988)    
    Revenging Ghost (1988)    
    Amazing Revenge (1988)    
    Spiritual Princeling (1988)