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Chang Ching-Long
Cheung Hing-Lung
Filmography (1981-2000)
  Special Effects (1 film)
    Madman Hunt (1993)    
  Art Director (1 film)
    Stooges in Love (1981)    
  Foley (10 films)
    The Yesman (1986)    
    Echo of Sea (1986)    
    Magic Story (1987)    
    Kung Fu Kids Part V: The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids (1988)    
    Spirit Love (1989)    
    He Shang De Yi Chang Chun Meng (1993)    
    Madman Hunt (1993)    
    Series of Murder Files (1996)    
    Last Till Tomorrow (1999)    
    Zhen Qing Shao Nu (2000)