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Chang Hui-Kung
Aliases:  Zhang Hui-Gong,  Cheng Hui-Kung,  Chang Hui-Kung,  Chang Huei-Kung,  Cheung Wai-Gung
Filmography (1975-1992)
  Cinematographer (29 films)
    Heroes Behind the Enemy Lines (1975)    
    Roar in the Woods (1975)    
    The Venturer (1976)    
    Misty Love (1978)    
    Interlude on Rails (1978)    
    The Mystery of Chess Boxing (1979)    
    Fly Up with Love (1979)    
    Off to Success (1979)    
    The Orientation (1980)    
    Red Rattlesnake (1981)    
    The Young People Dream (1981)    
    Return of the Electric Love (1982)    
    Dangerous Seventeen (1982)    
    That Day on the Beach (1983)    
    Cycle of Mystery (1983)    
    Second Spring of Mr. Muo (1984)    
    Shanghai Blues (1984)    
    The Gift of A Fu (1984)    
    Story of a Bride (1985)    
    The Kinmen Bombs (1986)    
    The Woman of Wrath (1986)    
    The Game They Call Sex (1987)    
    Tian Cai Xiao Bing (1988)    
    Friendly Shock (1988)    
    I Love Mary (1988)    
    A Tale from the East (1990)    
    A Brighter Summer Day (1991)    
    A Piggy Tale (1991)    
    Dust of Angels (1992)