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Charles Han Yong-Cheol  ♂
Aliases:  Han Yong-Cheol,  Han Long-Zhe,  Hon Long-Chit,  Han Yong-Chul

Filmography (1974-1982)
  Actor (12 films)
    The Manchurian Tiger (1974)    
    Left Foot of Wrath (1974)    
    Returned Single-Legged Man 2 (1974)    
    Returned Single-Legged Man (1974)    
    Gate of Destiny (1974)    
    A Betrayer (1974)    
    The Successor (1974)    
    The Great Urgency Network (1974)    
    Black White Big Fist (1974)    
    Tomb for a Strongman (1975)    
    Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws (1981)    
    My Name Is 'Twin Legs' (1982)