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Chen Chiu-Yen  ♀
Aliases:  Cheng Chuo-Yen,  Chen Hsiu-Yen,  Chen Chiu-Yen,  Chan Chau-Yin
Born: October 18th, 1946

Filmography (1957-1998)
  Actor (35 films)
    Xiao Yan Liu Liang Ji (1957)    
    Five Tragical Sons (1957)    
    Flowers in a Rainy Night (Part 2) (1962)    
    Summer Whirlwind Son Wen (1966)    
    Tiger Bites Tiger (1966)    
    Geisha (1966)    
    Black Glove (1966)    
    Hai Nu Kung Tuan Ku (1966)    
    Golden Leopard (1966)    
    True Story of Ah Hsi (1967)    
    Da Xiao Shan (1968)    
    Unforgettable Heartless Person (1968)    
    Arrogant Uncle Ah Hsi (1968)    
    Joys of Love on a Spring Night (1969)    
    Ye Ye Si Jun (1969)    
    Liu Chagu Tours Taipei (1969)    
    Super Cop Vs the Leopard (1970)    
    Hsueh-Kang Crashed the Flower Lantern Fair (1970)    
    The Ungrateful One (1971)    
    Attacker (1974)    
    The Wedding of Chung Kuei's Sister (1976)    
    Lover on the Wave (1978)    
    The Roaming Monk (1980)    
    Ah Fei (1983)    
    Teacher Chen Yi-Shin (1983)    
    A Flower in the Storm (1984)    
    The Matrimony (1985)    
    Killer Hornets (1986)    
    Last Train to Tanshui (1986)    
    My Father Is Not a Thief (1987)    
    Auntie Jinshui (1987)    
    Journey Across the Mainland (1988)    
    The Mob Family (1989)    
    Super Citizen Ko (1995)    
    Connection by Fate (1998)    
  Began as child actor mostly playing daughter of her father.

Father - Tien Ching

Mother - Chen Lan