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Si-Ma Yin (2)  ♀
Aliases:  Shut-Ma Yin,  Michelle Sze Ma-Yin,  Michelle Sima Yan
Born: March 15th, 1963 - Died: January 10th, 2015

Filmography (1983-1993)
  Actor (29 films)
    Obsessed (1983) ... Ah Fa's sister
    The Sensational Pair (1983) ... Pak Wing-Sin/Dior Bai Yongxian
    Love Bittersweet (1984)    
    It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! (1985) ... Woman tease by Lam at 7-Eleven
    Night Caller (1985)    
    Crazy Romance (1985) ... Bo's fake girlfriend
    Why, Why, Tell Me Why!! (1986) ... Tallie's girlfriend at beach
    Searching for Love (1986)    
    Peking Opera Blues (1986) ... Ms Choi
    Final Victory (1987) ... Hung's girlfriend
    Scared Stiff (1987) ... Janice
    The Haunted Cop Shop (1987) ... Millie
    Seven Years Itch (1987) ... Do Do
    Couples, Couples, Couples (1988) ... Drunk woman in lounge
    Doubles Cause Troubles (1989) ... Stage actress
    Mr. Sunshine (1989) ... Zhen
    The Romancing Star III (1989) ... Greedy Miss Oyster
    They Came to Rob Hong Kong (1989)    
    Ghost Busting (1989) ... Traitor trainee
    The Mamasan (1989)    
    Demoness from Thousand Years (1990) ... Policeman
    Here Comes a Vampire (1990) ... Szema Yin
    Till Death Shall We Start (1990) ... Mimi
    The Other Half (1990)    
    Devil's Vendetta (1991) ... Yin
    Super Lady Cop (1992) ... Shui's girlfriend
    Girls Fall in Love (1992)    
    Illusions (1992)    
    The Mad Monk (1993) ... Pregnant wife
  Son: Gouw Ian Iskandar

Former Hong Kong actress and beauty queen contestant, Michelle Sima Yan, died after a prolonged fight with stomach cancer. She was 51. Sima launched her showbiz career in the 1980s, when she entered the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Often billed as Sze Ma-yin, she became an actress in film and television, usually in supporting or sex symbol roles. Her personality earned her many friends in the entertainment world. Sima married businessman Togi Gouw in 1996 and retired from acting. They had two sons, including Gouw Ian Iskandar, who succeeded his mother in the showbiz world. (SCMP)