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Andy Cheng Kai-Chung  ♂

Filmography (1990-2016)
  Action Director (1 film)
    Tai Chi Zero (2012)    
  Director (2 films)
    Alien - Fata Morgana (2016)    
    Alien - My Shadow (2016)    
  Assistant Action Director (2 films)
    Shaolin Kung Fu Kids (1995)    
    Shanghai Noon (2000)    
  Actor (22 films)
    New Kids in Town (1990) ... Taekwondo instructor
    Angel Terminators 2 (1993)    
    The Eight Hilarious Gods (1993) ... [Stunt]
    Murders Made to Order (1993) ... One of Lung's men
    The Black Morning Glory (1993) ... Ken's thug
    Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994) ... [Extra]
    The Wild Lovers (1994)    
    Sharpshooters (1994) ... Thug
    Future Love (1994)    
    The Saint of Gamblers (1995) ... Ray's thug
    Hard Touching (1995)    
    Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)    
    Mean Street Story (1995) ... Echinus' thug
    Kung Fu Cop (1995)    
    The Blade (1995) ... Fei Lung's man
    Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (1996) ... Superman
    God of Gamblers 3 - The Early Stage (1996) ... Mo Kau's thug
    Combo Cops (1996) ... SDU trainee
    Tri-Star (1996) ... Dinosaur's thug
    Mr. Nice Guy (1997) ... [Extra] / [Stunt]
    Walk In (1997) ... Mr. Ho's thug
    Who Am I? (1998) ... [Extra] / [Stunt]
  Began training in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 14 and would win a Bronze Medal at the Asian Games. After becoming a national TKD Champion, he would join the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association and become of Chan's doubles due to Chan's extensive injuries. Cheng also doubled for Sammo Hung during the 1st season of Hung's Hollywood TV series MARTIAL LAW.

Currently working in Hollywood as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, and film director. He directed two films, the political thriller END GAME (2006) with Cuba Gooding Jr. and the race car action film REDLINE (2008) with Eddie Griffin.

Cheng's work as stunt coordinator was predominantly well known when he worked with Isaac Florentine on the sequel U.S. SEALS II (2001) and Dwayne Johnson in THE SCORPION KING (2002) and THE RUNDOWN (2003). However, his best known work as stunt coordinator comes in the hit film TWILIGHT (2008).