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Wang Di (2)
Wong Tai,  T. Wong

Filmography (1939-1948)
  Actor (16 films)
    Mulan Joins the Army (1939) ... Mu Lan's mother
    Ming Mo Yi Hen (1939)    
    Revenge of the Haunted Souls (1939)    
    Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1940)    
    Bride Hunter (1940)    
    The Flower Girl (1940)    
    Wild Rose (1941)    
    New Story About Twin Sisters (1941)    
    Under the Peony (1942)    
    When You Will Come Back to Me (1943)    
    Hong Yan Tie Xue (1943)    
    Daughter of the Fisherman (1943)    
    Return of the Phoenix (1944)    
    Dream of the Red Mansions (1944)    
    The Lucky One (1947)    
    She Married Three Times (1948)