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Yuen Lung-Kui  ♂
Aliases:  Yuen Lung-Chu,  Yuan Lung-Chu

Filmography (1979-1992)
  Actor (9 films)
    The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979) ... One of Yang Wei's men
    The Story of Drunken Master (1979) ... So's son
    Dreadnought (1981)    
    An Old Kung Fu Master (1981)    
    What Price Honesty? (1981) ... Constable
    The Miracle Fighters (1982) ... One of Sorcerer Bat's men
    The Champions (1983) ... Hits gong
    Thunder Cops II (1989)    
    Coup De Grace (1990) ... Giant 7
  Assistant Action Director (2 films)
    The Story of Drunken Master (1979)    
    King of Beggars (1992)    
  Son of Simon Yuen and brother to Yuen Wo Ping, Yuen Shun Yi, Yuen Yat Choh, Yuen Chun Yeung and Yuen Cheung Yan.