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Tai Pei-Shan  ♀
Aliases:  Tai Pei-Pei
Born: 1958

Filmography (1962-1969)
  Actor (11 films)
    Love Never Ceases (1962) ... Hung Hui-Chu
    Wandering Three Siblings (1963)    
    Three Siblings Sue the Imperial Court (1964)    
    Three Siblings Report Father (1964)    
    Bride in Hell (1965) ... Ah Lan
    Unforgettable Train Station (1965) ... Hsiao Ling
    Ice Point (1966)    
    Tragic Love Guan Zi-Ling (1966)    
    Dream Mother (1966)    
    San Sheng Wu Nai (1967)    
    Bamboo Wrapped Meat Dumplings (1969)    
  Daughter of producers Tai Chuan-Li and Tai Huang Pien-Pien.