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伍錦霞  ♀
Esther Ng Gam-Ha
Ng Kam-Ha,  Esther Eng
Born: September 14th, 1914 (San Francisco, United States) - Died: January 25th, 1970

Filmography (1937-1961)
  Director (7 films)
    National Heroine (1937)    
    Ten Thousand Lovers (1938)    
    A Night of Romance, A Lifetime of Regret (1938)    
    It's a Women's World (1939)    
    Golden Gate Girl (1941)    
    A Fair Lady by the Blue Lagoon (1949)    
    Murder Case in Chinatown (1961)    
  Actor (3 films)
    The Thirteenth Girl's Adventure in Nengren Temple (1948)    
    Big Fight between Hero Copper and Madame Nine Flowers (1948)    
    Mr. Guangdong Explored the Corrupted Temple (1948) ... Servant girl
  Writer (2 films)
    Tragic Love (1938)    
    It's a Women's World (1939)