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Woo Man-Sam
Aliases:  Wu Man-Sum
Filmography (1937-1962)
  Art Director (1 film)
    The Sentimental Angel (1937)    
  Composer (36 films)
    The Inscrutable Heart of Women (1947)    
    My Love Is Like the Wind of Spring (1949)    
    Wild Flowers Are Sweeters (1950)    
    Blood, Rouge and Tears (1950)    
    Parting Unto Sky's End (1951)    
    Blood-stained Azaleas (1951)    
    No Sign of the Swallow's Return (1951)    
    A Prayer for Happiness (1952)    
    A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1952)    
    Cheung, the Dragon Boatman (1952)    
    A Love So Deep and Great (1952)    
    Foster-Daddy's Romantic Affairs (1952)    
    Night of Romance (1952)    
    The Satisfactory Wedding (1952)    
    The Miserable Couple (1954)    
    Husband's Belated Return (1955)    
    The Matchmaker's Fault (1955)    
    Lui Bo Captures Diu Sim (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung, King of Lion Dance (1957)    
    The Handsome Groom and His Double (1957)    
    How Prince Xinling Stole the General's Seal to Save the State of Zhao (1957)    
    Lui Bei Crosses the River to Meet His Bride (1957)    
    Princess Miaoshan (1957)    
    Chen Cunzhong's Three Genuflections Before Shui Guanyin (1958)    
    Dragon and Phoenix Revelry (1958)    
    Funny Misunderstanding (1959)    
    The Blessed Family (1959)    
    Another Three Years of Waiting (1959)    
    Two Fools Capture a Ghost (1959)    
    Two Fools Capture the Criminal (1959)    
    Judge Bao's Night Trial of the Living Dead (1959)    
    Flower Boy (1960)    
    Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (1960)    
    The Ghostly Daughter-in-law (1960)    
    Murder Case in Chinatown (1961)    
    A Perfect Match (1962)    
  Writer (15 films)
    A Handsome Hero and His Double (1951)    
    Money Talks (1953)    
    Honour Your Foster-Mother (1953)    
    Five Remonstrations with an Unreasonable Wife (1953)    
    The Unmanly Man (1953)    
    A Broken Dream (1955)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Pitted a Lion Against the Unicorn (1956)    
    The Unsuitable Brother-in-Law (1956)    
    Princess Miaoshan (1957)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Rebellion, Part 1 (1957)    
    Eight Dames Tease the Scholar (1957)    
    Su Xiaomei Thrice Tricks the Groom (1958)    
    Fortune at the Door (1958)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Rebellion (sequel) (1958)    
    The Story of Li Xian (1960)