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Ko Hung (4)  ♂
Aliases:  Si Tak,  Hui Tak,  Sam So
Born: 1918 - Died: 1981
Filmography (1947-1966)
  Story (11 films)
    Coming Back to Life in a Dead Body (1947)    
    Return of the Black Hero (1948)    
    Sima Fu's Encounter with the Honey Gang (1949)    
    The Adventures of Broker Lai and the Smart Feitian Nan (1950)    
    The Misarranged Love Trap (1950)    
    Second Lady (1951)    
    A Widow's Tears (1956)    
    Adultery (1958)    
    The Wonderful Partner (1960)    
    The Chase (1962)    
    The Thief with Baby Face (1966)