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Dik Boh-Laai  ♀
Aliases:  ''Deborah'',  Dik Bo Lai Mo Ah (De-Bo-Ra Mo-ore),  Debra Moore,  Dik Bor Lai,  Deborah Li,  Deborah Lee
Born: July 1st, 1945

Filmography (1975-1993)
  Actor (21 films)
    Sup Sap Bup Dup (1975)    
    My Wacky, Wacky World (1975) ... Golden Orchid
    Let's Do It! (1976)    
    Star Wonderfun (1976)    
    Country Man and the Scavenger (1976)    
    Fame of Chess (1977)    
    Negotiation (1977)    
    The Dream of the Red Chamber (1977) ... Maid Ji Juan
    The Chase (1977)    
    Hong Kong Emmanuelle (1977) ... Su Fei Fei [title char]
    Con Artists (1978)    
    The Crazy World (1978) ... Miss Chin
    Clan of Amazons (1978) ... Ouyang Qing, 4th Sister
    Pursuit (1980)    
    Beloved Daddy (1984)    
    Mixed Up (1984)    
    The Millionaires' Express (1986)    
    Killer's Nocturne (1987) ... Madam Sung
    Bless This House (1988) ... Cheung Sau-Lan / Mrs Chang
    Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen (1989) ... [MIXED UP footage]
    Even Mountains Meet (1993)    
  Chinese name is a clever rendering of English name. Married to Patrick Tse Yin in 1978, divorced 1996. Mother of Nicholas Tse and Tse Ting Ting.

Born in Shanghai.