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Chou Yi-Wen
Aliases:  Chow Yi-Man,  Chou I-Wen

Filmography (1990-2017)
  Cinematographer (13 films)
    Voice of Waves (2002)    
    Badu's Homework (2003)    
    My Whispering Plan (2005)    
    Like a Hero (2006)    
    What on Earth Have I Done Wrong?! (2007)    
    Orz Boyz! (2008)    
    Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (2009)    
    No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (2009)    
    The Wingless Swallow (2009)    
    Fantome, Ou es-tu? (2010)    
    Leaving Gracefully (2011)    
    Rookie Chef (2016)    
    Turn Around (2017)    
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    The Story of a Gangster (1990)