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Pi Shou-Chang
Aliases:  Bat Sau-Cheung,  Pi Shou-Chuang,  Buk Shou-Cheung
Filmography (1969-1982)
  Art Director (1 film)
    The Girlie Bar (1976)    
  Hair Stylist (19 films)
    How Love Is Tested (1969)    
    My Suitors (1970)    
    The Lost Spring (1970)    
    Her Vengeance (1971)    
    Monkey Comes Again (1971)    
    Please Sir, We're Sorry! (1972)    
    Stranger from Canton (1973)    
    The Looks of Hong Kong (1974)    
    Crazy Bumpkins (1974)    
    Spring Comes Not Again (1974)    
    The Happy Trio (1975)    
    No End of Surprises (1975)    
    Thief of Thieves (1975)    
    Big Times for the Crazy Bumpkins (1976)    
    Bruce Lee and I (1976)    
    Descendant of Wing Chun (1978)    
    Security Unlimited (1981)    
    All the Wrong Clues (1981)    
    It Takes Two (1982)