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Wu Ting-Ting  ♀
Aliases:  Hu Ting-Ting,  Judy Hu
Born: September 11th, 1979

Filmography (2004-2014)
  Actor (8 films)
    Snow Falling From the Sky of June (2004) ... Aunt Wong
    Ballistic (2008)    
    In Love We Trust (2008)    
    Ghosted (2009)    
    Young Dudes (2012) ... Klaatu nurse
    Forever Love (2013) ... Hua Mu-lan
    Substitute for Love (2013)    
    Black & White - The Dawn of Justice (2014)    
  Daughter of Taichung, Taiwan mayor. Graduate of Duke University, Master's from Oxford University, Public Policy Research Institute. Returned to Taiwan in 2005. (zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/)