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Feng Hsin-Hua  ♂
Aliases:  Fung Seun-Wa,  Manhua Feng Hsin-Hua,  Mahua Feng,  Feng Shin Hua
Born: 1975

Filmography (2006-2018)
  Cinematographer (15 films)
    The Secret in the Wind (2006)    
    Tears (2009)    
    One Day (2010)    
    Juliets (2010)    
    Revenge of the Factory Woman (2010)    
    Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix (2012)    
    To My Dear Granny (2012)    
    A Moment of Love (2012)    
    Step Back to Glory (2013)    
    Love Transplantation (2013)    
    Including Her Out (2013)    
    The Free Man (2016)    
    Welcome to the Happy Days (2016)    
    Pigeon Tango (2017)    
    Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018)