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Agnes Chan Mei-Ling  ♀
Aliases:  Agnes Chen Mei-Ling
Born: August 20th, 1955

Filmography (1972-1997)
  Actor (11 films)
    Young People (1972) ... Po-Erh [intro]
    The Two Faces of Love (1972)    
    The Generation Gap (1973) ... Cindy Xin
    Where's the Swallow Way (1974)    
    I Am in Love (1975)    
    Return of the Crazy Bumpkin (1975) ... [only deleted footage]
    Green Garden (1976)    
    The Sensational Pair (1983) ... [not seen but credit as singer only]
    Mixed Up (1984)    
    Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen (1989) ... [MIXED UP footage]
    The Soong Sisters (1997)    
  Popular singer from HK, now based in Japan. Sister of Irene Chan.

Biography from Agnes Chan's Official Homepage