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Ding Wai (2)  ♀
Aliases:  Ding Hui,  Ting Wai,  Kong Hung

Filmography (1960-1968)
  Actor (9 films)
    The Right of Women (1960)    
    The Fortune That Becomes a Nightmare (1962)    
    Story of Lee Sin (1963)    
    Pursuit of the Murderer in the Dog-racing Court (1965) ... Teacher Cheung
    The Blue Bees (1967) ... Lee Chun-Nei
    Lightning Killer (1967) ... Assistant Poon Oi-Lun
    Wong Fei-Hung Against the Ruffians (1967) ... Ling Yuk-Fong
    The Grand Duel (1968)    
    A Mad Rush Into Love (1968)