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Chu Jing  ♀
Aliases:  Chu Ching (2),  Chang Xiao-Lin,  Chuk Jing,  Zhu Jing,  Chuk Ching
Born: 1947

Filmography (1965-1980)
  Actor (26 films)
    Ching Tin Yuk Lui Leung (1965)    
    Longing for Broadcaster (1965)    
    Four Sisters (1967) ... Luo Ching Mei
    The Pearl Phoenix (1967) ... Qiu Hua
    That Tender Age (1967)    
    The Fastest Sword (1968) ... Miss Liu/Ching Erh
    Fallen Petals (1968) ... Juang Yu Lan
    Tomorrow Is Another Day (1969) ... Yang Wan-Ru
    Pigsy's Marriage (1969)    
    Goodbye Darling (1970)    
    Clam Fairy (1970)    
    Sister Wants Me to Get Married (1970)    
    Legend of the Spark (1970)    
    The Husband and the Pussycat (1970)    
    Tsu Hong Wu (1971)    
    Swordsman at Large (1971) ... Girl molested in the street
    Money Is Everything (1975)    
    Dragon Kid (1975)    
    Cuties Parade (1975)    
    Oriental Playgirls (1976)    
    The Naval Commandos (1977) ... Mrs. Hu Ren Mei
    The Dream of the Red Chamber (1977) ... Maid Ji Ren
    The Call-Girls (1977) ... (only in Interview)
    The Brave Archer (1977) ... Li-Pin
    The Brave Archer Part II (1978) ... In flashback
    One Son Too Many (1980) ... Mother Hsu
  Born in 1947 as Chang Xiao-Lin in Changle, Fujian, Chu was later raised in Taipei. Her talent was discovered in an acting course in 1964, and she made her acting debut in the same year. She joined Shaw Brothers as a basic actor in 1965, where she rose to stardom with her acclaimed performance in "The Pearl Phoenix". Chu returned to Taiwan the next year and continued to work for Shaw Brothers, who invited her back to Hong Kong in 1975 to star in "Cuties Parade", "The Brave Archer", among others.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Fastest Sword".