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Chiao Hua-Kuo
Aliases:  Chiao Hua-Guo,  Kiu Wah-Kwok,  Chyau Hwa-Kou
Filmography (1979-1983)
  Actor (13 films)
    The Tragedy Came from Vietnam (1979)    
    White Fox (1979)    
    A Love Retarded (1979)    
    Desperate Love Bitter End (1979)    
    Off to Success (1979)    
    Woman with Knife (1980)    
    The Story of Daniel (1980)    
    Yi Ge Wen Ti Xue Sheng (1980)    
    A Centennial of Railways of ROC (1981)    
    My Grandfather (1982)    
    Funny Spies (1982)    
    Golden Queen's Commandos (1982)    
    My Son My Everything (1983)