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Chiao Hua-Kuo
Chiao Hua-Guo,  Kiu Wah-Kwok,  Chyau Hwa-Kou
Filmography (1979-1983)
  Actor (14 films)
    The Tragedy Came from Vietnam (1979)    
    A Love Retarded (1979)    
    White Fox (1979)    
    Desperate Love Bitter End (1979)    
    Off to Success (1979)    
    Yi Ge Wen Ti Xue Sheng (1980)    
    Woman Grinder's Revenge (1980)    
    The Story of Daniel (1980)    
    A Centennial of Railways of ROC (1981)    
    My Grandfather (1981)    
    Funny Spies (1982)    
    Golden Queen's Commandos (1982)    
    The Battle of Erdan (1982)    
    My Son My Everything (1983)