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Chow Yip-Hing
Chow Yeh-Hsing,  Ed Y. S. Chow,  Chou Yen-Hsing
Filmography (1969-1986)
  Cinematographer (12 films)
    Iron Petticoat (1969)    
    A City Called Dragon (1969)    
    The Grand Passion (1970)    
    Assassin (1975)    
    Once Upon a Time (1978)    
    All's Well That Does Well (1979)    
    The Juvenizer (1981)    
    The Wheel of Life (1983)    
    Now Taiwan Young Men (1983)    
    All the King's Men (1983)    
    The Time You Need a Friend (1984)    
    The Heroic Pioneers (1986)