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Alison Chang Yen  ♀
Aliases:  Zhang Yan,  Cheung Yin,  Alison Chang Yen
Born: 1946

Filmography (1950-1986)
  Actor (34 films)
    The Kid (1950) ... Factory worker
    Bloodbath (1952) ... Guest D
    Everlasting Remorse (1952) ... Stewadess
    Qiu Jin, the Revolutionary Heroine (1953) ... Female Instructor
    Notorious Woman (1953) ... Ah Hsiang
    Mr. Handsome (1953) ... Miss Chang
    A Woman's Revenge (1953) ... Nurse
    Taps Off, Downstairs! (1954)    
    Love's Longing (1954) ... Servant
    The Love of Susan (1954) ... Maid Shen
    The Burning of Biyun Palace (1955)    
    Love and Hate between Man and a Faithful Dog (1955) ... Servant girl
    New Li Sanniang (1955)    
    The Song of Harmony (1957)    
    Crimes of Passion (1959) ... Stewadess
    A Mermaid's Love (1960)    
    Women Are Angels (1960)    
    Teenage Beat (1961)    
    Dream of the Red Chamber (1962) ... Xi Chun
    The Four Sisters (1963)    
    The Last Woman of Shang (1964) ... Dancing girl
    The Dancing Millionairess (1964) ... Dancer
    The Lotus Lamp (1965) ... Chiu Erh
    The West Chamber (1965) ... Rui's page
    The Joy of Spring (1966) ... Zhang Yan
    The Mirror and the Lichee (1967) ... Yi Chun
    Susanna (1967) ... Lin Hsiao Ting
    They All Fall in Love (1967) ... Suzie Wong
    Swan Song (1967) ... Anni Ge
    That Man in Chang-An (1967) ... Hong Er
    Hong Kong Rhapsody (1968) ... Lin Yu Lan
    The Love Auction (1970) ... Ballet dancer [Joy of Spring footage]
    Liao Zhong-Kai (1984)    
    Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1986) ... Suen Foo-Yan
  Born as Chang Xiao-Yen, Alison Chang Yen was born in 1946 and a native of Chaoshan in Guangdong Province. She was still schooling at an English college when she joined Shaw Brothers at age 15, along with Chin Ping, Margaret Hsing Hui, Angela Yu Chien, Cheng Pei-Pei, Fang Ying and Li Ching. Chang graduated high school in 1963, and was sent to further her study in drama and dancing at the Toho Academy of Performing Arts in Japan, along with Chin Ping and Margaret Hsing Hui. With her pretty and outgoing appearance, Chang was typecasted as the spoiled little sister in her earlier films, such as "Teenage Beat", "Imposters" and "The Four Sister", which earned her the monikers 'Little Wildcat' and 'Little Mermaid' for her excellent swimming and waterskiing.

From the Celestial DVD release of "That Man in Chang-An".