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朴賢鎮  ♂
Park Hyun-Jin

Filmography (2003-2006)
  Actor (5 films)
    Shanghai Knights (2003)    
    The Twins Effect (2003)    
    New Police Story (2004) ... Disco bouncer # 3
    The Myth (2005) ... Eagle
    Rob-B-Hood (2006) ... Henchman
  Stunts (5 films)
    The Twins Effect (2003)    
    Around the World in 80 Days (2004)    
    New Police Story (2004)    
    The Myth (2005)    
    Rob-B-Hood (2006)    
  Stunt Double (1 film)
    Looking for Mister Perfect (2003)    
  Park's nickname on the JC Stunt Team is "Mong Cha-Cha" because on set, he tends to be in a daze.

Taekwondo expert who started out as a stuntman and bit player in his native Korea before joining the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. He doubled for Ritchie Coster in THE TUXEDO (2002) and Andy On in New Police Story (2004).